I paint to discover and celebrate the hidden mechanics of the natural world. Instead of seeking out classical beauty, I am looking for subjects that present opportunities to deconstruct form, analyse pattern, and present nature from a different perspective.  Within these patterns and forms there lies fingerprints of higher realities and divine forces. What are these forces? How many realities are there and how many can be conveyed? Why do natural forms re-occur across a wide variety of locations, scales, and mediums? These questions can and should be answered by specialists yet I still wish to try and answer them with paint. Landscape therefor is my primary subject matter, but again I search for specific examples of thought provoking natural arrangements. In order to emphasis this I often paint the “portrait of the land or tree or mountain” by using a literal portrait orientation.

In the realm of 2D expression, abstraction offers significant insight into higher realities of existence and internal emotional complexities. Yet in my process of exploration I find that the combination of Objective AND Abstract tendencies leads to a richer exploration into what is real. A balance of internal and external. My work picks up at the departure point for abstraction, where many artists embarked on non objectivity to refine their intention of creating from within. There I wish to turn back towards the object, while still pushing color, form, and experience to greater limits, turning back and forth between the two opposites in order to find a deeper truth.

Thoughts on the Conservation of Public Lands:

Regardless of where you stand in this political atmosphere, it is paramount that we all realize the importance of preserving the areas on earth where nature still rules over man. Short sighted greed and lust over natural resources has left much of this planet a barren shadow of its former self. Areas that had the potential to enrich the hearts of billions have been wasted so that the wallets of a few might be full. My work and life are largely inspired by our nation's public lands and their significance goes far beyond the finite value of money. I hope my work, among other things, impresses upon you the irreplaceable importance of our virgin lands as well as those recovering from past destruction. Take action and let our leaders know that we want our lands protected and unspoiled for us and all those who come next.


I am a professional artist in my early 30’s living in Olympia WA. I was born in Provo Utah as a member of the Mormon church and then moved to Virginia when I was ten. My Father had started working for a contractor outside of D.C. and I became exposed to a world much different than that of Utah’s. Subconsciously I adopted a much wider world/reality view and before I turned 18 I left the church in favor of studying Art and discovering a new life. The structure of being a student replaced the old ideology and I enthusiastically pursued my work until I received my BFA from VCU in painting and printmaking. After school that atmosphere vanished so I faced larger challenges of self-actualization and found myself outside backpacking or climbing more often than not. I soon had a job with the U.S. Forest Service working on Wilderness trail crews. It was in those moments that I found myself again and created an ideology based out of natural observation. This is the well from which my work flows. I continue to travel and backpack for enjoyment but also to inform my work.

Both my Mother and Father used to paint, as did my Grandmother on my mother’s side and my Great Grandmother on my father’s side. While my questioning of divinity lead me down a different path, the tradition of celebrating its natural occurrence has brought me closer to my family.