I paint to discover and celebrate the hidden mechanics of the visual world. While aware of classical beauty, I am looking for subjects that present opportunities to deconstruct and analyse visual patterns. Specifically I’m searching for subjects that easily break down into recursive forms like a fern, rock garden, or tea set. It’s a process similar to impressionism or analytic cubism, I use geometry to simplify forms and find common patterns within them. This process creates a style that enables me to, in some sense, paint through our reality instead of in it. Color is key in emphasising important discoveries in this style and is used to serve as a guide between what lives on the visual plane and what is beyond.


A Thought on Conservation and our Public Lands:

Regardless of where you stand in this political atmosphere, it is paramount that we all realize the importance of preserving the areas on earth where nature still rules over man. Short sighted greed and lust over natural resources has left much of this planet a barren shadow of its former self. Areas that had the potential to enrich the hearts of billions have been wasted so that the wallets of a few might be full. My work and life are largely inspired by our nation's public lands and their significance goes far beyond the finite value of money. I hope my work, among other things, impresses upon you the irreplaceable importance of our virgin lands as well as those recovering from past destruction. Take action and let our leaders know that we want our lands protected and unspoiled for us and all those who come next.